Required Classes

Classes required for students in the Reflexology Diploma Program are listed below (please click here for a complete list of required classes and the order in which to take them). Individuals are welcome to take these classes without being in the full education program. Each course description lists any prerequisites that may be involved.

Classes Required for Reflexology Diploma

In Introductory Reflexology you will learn the basic history of the art and science of reflexology, theories of how it works, its benefits, indications and contraindications for its use. You will learn a sequence for a one-hour reflexology session; about 80% of the class is devoted to hands-on practice. This class will be taught by Neil McNeill, Jessica Crofoot or Lisa Hensell.  Sat & Sun 9 am—6 pm (16 credits with SRMC; 15.5 NCCAOM PDA Credits)
$295 plus $30 supply fee

January 21-22 July 29-30
March 11-12 September 23-24
May 6-7 November 4-5
June 17-18 January 20-21, 2018

Documentation Part I
  What’s the best way to record your reflexology sessions? What do you write down? Why do you need to document at all? This class will demystify the documentation process so you can record your reflexology sessions quickly and confidently! Instructor Neil McNeill will introduce you to documentation theory, the use of basic anatomical terms and abbreviations, tips for efficiently documentation sessions, and how to translate your observations into an acceptable written format that meets both SRMC diploma expectations and ARCB requirements. We suggest taking this class shortly after beginning your reflexology training.  Sat or Sun 9 am—1 pm (4 credits)
PREREQUISITES:  10 documented practice hours (bring your favorite doc to class for review)
$100  ($120 with late enrollment)

January 29 (Sun; $120 after Jan 14)
May 13 (Sat; $120 after Apr 28)
November 12 (Sun; $120 after Oct 28)


Documentation Part II  Take your documentation to the next level. This advanced class will refine your reflexology documentation skills to prepare you for real-world reflexology practice as well as ARCB certification standards. Instructor Pam Foster will cover advanced notation methodology, structural and pain assessment, and how to integrate new or alternative reflexology techniques into your session documentations. We suggest taking this class at least half-way through your reflexology training.  Please bring 1 recently completed documentation to class for in-class review.  Sat or Sun 9 am—1 pm (4 credits)
PREREQUISITES:  Documentation I and at least 20 documented practice hours
$100  ($120 with late enrollment)

January 29 (Sun; $120 after Jan 14)
May 13 (Sat; $120 after Apr 28)
November 12 (Sun; $120 after Oct 28)


Supervised Practice Clinic  This mentored clinic setting allows you to bring in a client or friend, give them a real-time reflexology session, and have your questions answered and your technique refined by instructors Pam Foster and Neil McNeill. From your client intake to post-session documentation, this clinic will help you improve your assessment, warm-up, reflexing sequence and other session-related skills including body mechanics, clients’ feet or health issues, and client homework (contact SRMC for help in finding a volunteer to work on, if needed). We suggest that you sign up for one clinic shortly after beginning your reflexology training and the second clinic toward the end of your training. In-class practice hours do not count towards your 70-90 hours of documentation.  Sat or Sun 2—5 pm (3 credits)
PREREQUISITES:  Documentation Part I
$75  ($95 with late enrollment)

January 29 (Sun; $95 after Jan 14)
May 13 (Sat; $95 after Apr 28)
November 12 (Sun; $95 after Oct 28)


In Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology, Parts I and II, Bethany Jorgenson will teach anatomy and physiology of the human body from a perspective of reflexology.  She will help you to become a health detective for your client during your sessions, and to further develop your documentation skills.  Both parts of this class are required for Level I and optional for Level II Diplomas.  A&P Review will be offered 2-3 weeks after these classes as an elective class.  Sat & Sun 9 am—6pm (32 total credits + 8 elective credits for review class)
$300 per class weekend ($320 with late enrollment)

Feb 4-5 Part I ($320 after Jan 20)
Feb 25-26 Part II ($320 after Feb 10)
Mar 19 A&P Review Sunday (elective—$190; $210 after Mar 4)

Jul 15-16 Part I ($320 after Jun 30)
Aug 5-6 Part II ($320 after Jul 21)
Aug 27 A&P Review Sunday (elective—$190; $210 after Aug 12)


In Structural Analysis of the Foot and Lower Leg you will learn how the structural condition of the feet affects the overall health and vitality of the body.  Instructor Jessica Crofoot will focus on identification of bones, muscles, nerves, veins and arteries of the foot and lower leg to help you gain a deeper understanding of their role in the healthy biomechanical and physiological function of the body through gait analysis.  Sat & Sun 9 am—6 pm (16 credits)
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology, Anatomy & Physiology Part I, and 20 documented practice hours which have been reviewed by SRMC
$300 ($320 with late enrollment)

Apr 8-9 ($320 after Mar 24)
Sept 16-17 ($320 after Sept 1)


Fundamentals of Addressing Foot Pain builds on what you learn in Structural Analysis of the Foot and Lower Leg. In this class, students will investigate such foot conditions as bunions, corns, calluses, bone spurs and plantar fasciitis. You will learn how foot problems develop and influence the body reflexively, how to recognize & address them, and how to educate your clients regarding prevention and correction. The information Jessica Crofoot relays in this class will help to produce astounding results for your clients and prolong the effects of your reflexology sessions.  Sat & Sun 9 am—6 pm (16 credits)
PREREQUISITES: Structural Analysis of the Foot and Lower Leg
$300 ($320 with late enrollment)

Apr 29-30 ($320 after Apr 14)
Oct 7-8 ($320 after Sept 22)


In Advanced Reflexology, Parts I & II Lisa Hensell shares a very unique and effective approach to reflexology.  You will learn how each system of the body corresponds to the reflex maps on the feet, and the most efficient ways to access them to promote your clients’ health.  You will leave with a superior understanding of reflexology and its amazing potential for encouraging optimal health.  Both parts of this class are required for Level I and Level II Diplomas.  Sat & Sun 9 am—5 pm (28 total credits)
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology, and 20 documented practice hours which have been reviewed by SRMC
$300 per class weekend ($320 with late enrollment)

May 20-21 Part I ($320 after May 5)
Jun 10-11 Part II ($320 after May 26)

Nov 18-19 Part I ($320 after Nov 3)
Dec 9-10 Part II ($320 after Nov 24)


Reflexology Business & Ethics Classes offer assistance in developing a successful and rewarding practice. Our engaging instructor, Pam Foster, provides an interactive and thought-provoking approach to this topic, giving tools to help you understand and identify your market and tap into the resources to your success.  Legal aspects of running a business and how to prepare a business plan are included.  These classes meet WA State CE requirements for LMPs.
PREREQUISITES: None (we strongly recommend that you take this class toward the end of the program)

Apr 22 Business $170 ($190 after Apr 7)  Sat 9 am5 pm (7 credits)
Apr 23 Ethics $150 ($170 after Apr 8)  Sun 9 am—4 pm (6 credits)
(CEs fulfill NCBTMB ethics requirement)

Oct 28 Business $170 ($190 after Oct 13)  Sat 9 am5 pm (7 credits)
Oct 29 Ethics $100 ($120 after Oct 14)  Sun 9 am1 pm (4 credits)
Oct 29 Tax Tips $75 ($95 after Oct 14)  Sun 2—5 pm (3 credits) *see electives page for Tax Tips class description


Tutorials give you the opportunity to refine your reflexology techniques and body mechanics through an hour of one-on-one instructional feedback with Lisa Hensell.  As you work on Lisa, she will provide immediate assistance and give you time to practice what you have just learned.  We suggest scheduling the first tutorial a few classes into your training (after you have completed about 20 hours of practice) and the second one toward the end.  1 credit per 1-hour session.
PREREQUISITES: Introduction to Reflexology
$90 per tutorial

Call SRMC to schedule your tutorial at least 2-3 months before your preferred appointment time.

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